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Paid Writing Assignment Class Starts Soon!

websystems February 12, 2021

Hi everyone,

I’m honored that you are in the upcoming Paid Writing Assignment class with us.   Great things are going to happen with this group.

Over this month-long class, you’ll learn how the most effective screenwriters are getting hired by producers and writing movies that get made. You will get a very clear set of steps that you can take immediately to build your career.


This model has very specific steps that are different from writing your own screenplay.  Each of those steps are built into 12 lessons that you’ll receive over the course of 30 days.  

We’ll also post recorded teleconferences that work in conjunction with the lessons.  And there is a video and an interview on “How to Create a WA Business” that will be included when those lessons come out.  

With every lesson, you will get an assignment.  Please do the assignment and post it on the forums.  You will get much more out of doing the assignments than just reading them.  

IMPORTANT:  We are not working toward perfection in this class.  We are going for understanding and experience of the model.  Please don’t use the “My assignments have to be perfect” standard.  In fact, it is totally okay to turn in “first draft work” so you get the experience without stressing out about quality right now.


In between now and then, you can prepare two things you will be using throughout the program. 

1.  Bring in your highest budget script.  (If you only have one script, then that one is perfect for this.)

For the completed script, you’ll have assignments to work with things like budget, elevating it as a writing sample, and how you might respond to changes that are needed for the script. 

2.  Bring in a concept and two page synopsis for a movie that you may or may not write in the future.  Just put together a quick few pages that give us the acts of your story.  

For the concept/synopsis, you’ll have assignments for considering different budget levels, creating a “Take” for producers, and making key decisions that work for a producer.  

Don’t worry, all of it will make sense when you get in the class. 

Remember, the most important thing in this class is that you take the steps.  They don’t have to be perfect right now, so don’t get caught up in perfection thinking.  Just do what you can with each assignment and turn it in.  

By the time we’re done with this class, you’ll understand more than 98% of the screenwriters out there about doing writing assignments.  

Enjoy the class!