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Day 10: Evaluating And Elevating Concepts For Marketability

Fiverr August 20, 2021

Hi everyone,

Today, I’m very happy to announce that it is…


Here are the Levels we’ve been going through:

Level 1. Exchanging Components of Your Concepts. (Day 2)
Level 2. Apply 12 Marketing Formats to Your Concepts. (Day 3-5)
Level 3. Taking a Quantum Leap (Day 6-9)
Level 4. The 10 Components of Marketability (Day 10)

You’ve worked with seed ideas, fascinating cores, and the marketing
formats used for trailers. But today, we’re going to look at the kind
of “business hooks” that cause producers to instantly sit up and listen.

BTW, in reality, when you get to a professional status, you’ll likely
be going back and forth between all four levels in the same
conversation, so they don’t necessarily happen in order.


That’s right. Today, you’ll narrow down your list of concepts to
your Top 10. And it is going to be easier than you think.

But, before we go into it, please remember this…

You can write any script you want
in the ProSeries.

That is important to know. I’d rather have you writing something you love so you are learning and growing in the best psychological state than to choose something marketable and hate it throughout the ProSeries.

Here are my recommendations to you:

1. If you can find a concept that you love AND it is marketable, that is the best scenario.

2. If you have a choice between love and marketable, choose love. You’ll learn more and be happier.

3. If you are choosing between writing a new idea versus rewriting a previous script, you’ll get more by writing the new idea. That is because a previous script comes with a ton of boundaries…but it is doable if you choose that.

Having said all of that, remember this:

You can write any script you want
in the ProSeries.


Because every agent, manager, and producer in this industry are constantly thinking about it. And ready for this, every reader and assistant who works for those agents, managers, and producers know exactly what their bosses need.

Our job as writers is to help agents, managers, and producers to see your script as a highly marketable project. We do that by showing how it fits one or more of these marketing components.

KEY: Each of these 10 Components are BUSINESS HOOKS for agents, managers, and producers. So they make you very attractive to a producer because they instantly increase the chance that they can get funding or distribution for the movie.


Up until now, we’ve focused mainly on the first one; finding the unique part of our concepts. Now, we’re going to look at the other components.

IMPORTANT: You only need to have one of these IN A BIG WAY to sell a script. Sometimes, having two components that really stand out works, too. But having five of them in a small way won’t sell anything.

A. Unique.

Snakes on a Plane, Seven, Momento, Ghostbusters, The Matrix.

B. True.

Glory, Passion of the Christ, Apollo 13.

C. Timely — connected to some major trend or event.

John Q, The Contender, GI Jane.

D. It’s a first.

Glory, GI Jane, 40 Year Old Virgin.

E. Ultimate.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Natural Born Killers, Jurassic Park, Men in Black, Independence Day, Jaws.

F. Edgy.

Momento, Seven, Fatal Attraction, Bad Santa, The Matrix.

G. Wide audience appeal.

Liar Liar, Meet the Parents, Avatar, Shrek.

H. Adapted from a popular book.

Legally Blonde, The Devil Wears Prada, Indecent Proposal, How to Train Your Dragon, Shrek.

I. Similarity to a box-office success.

Girl Fight (Female Rocky movie), Legally Blonde (Clueless goes to Harvard), Speed (Die Hard on a bus).

J. A great role for a bankable actor.

Forrest Gump, Momento, The Godfather, Seven, Inception.

This lesson does two things. First, it shows you the “standard criteria” that many producers use for marketability. Second, it gives you a chance to either alter or discover concepts that fit these needs.


Up to this point, you’ve probably brainstormed between 30 – 60 concepts. Some are good. Some aren’t. That is how it always is…and that is totally okay. In fact, in order to come up with a great concept, people often brainstorm 50 to 100 ideas or more.

Today, your job is to narrow your list down to 10 concepts — the five that are most marketable and the five that you love the most.


Look through all of your concepts so far and do the following.

1. Make a list of the concepts naturally fit the 10 Marketability Components.

2. If you don’t have any concepts that express one or more of the 10 Components, then search your list of concepts to find concepts that could be altered to fit (taken to more of an extreme, focused on a unique part of the character, etc.) and brainstorm them.

3. Work with your concepts for the next two days, doing what you can to elevate them.

4. Submit a list of the 5 most marketable concepts you currently have — along with the component that applies.

5. Beneath that, list the five concepts you LOVE the most.

6. Answer the question “What I learned doing this assignment is…?” and put that at the top of the page.

Deadline: 2 Days

Subject: [ProSeries 50] (Your Name) 10 Most Marketable Concepts

Send to


So it will look like this:

———-Begin Assignment—————

Subject: [ProSeries 50] (Your Name) 10 Most Marketable Concepts

What I learned:


1. UNIQUE: A serial killer who gives people their last wish before doing the deed.

2. TRUE: The first woman in U.S. history to win the Congressional Medal of Honor.

3. Etc.


1. LOVE: A New York couple must convince their backwards country cousins to sign over the property they inherited — a city block in the most expensive part of NY City.

2. LOVE: Three “Soulmates” meet for the first time in a small airplane on a Grand Canyon tour and spend a glorious hour together…just before the plane goes down in flames.

3. Etc.

———-End Assignment—————

Please don’t stress out about this. Just look at each of your concepts and see where they might naturally fit. Keep a list of the ones with the most promise and do some brainstorming with them to see if they can express one of the components above. If not, don’t worry about it.

Remember, you aren’t making a decision here, nor will you be held to what you list as your Top 10. This is just a chance to practice these skills and discover which emerge as marketable.

At the same time, I’m having you list the concepts you LOVE because I want you to keep those at the front of your mind…and emotions.

You’ve got 2 days to do this and it is worth focusing your attention on it. The beautiful thing about concepts is that improving your concept by 10% might improve the chance of a sale by 50%, so this is very valuable work you’re doing.

Have fun with it. I’m really looking forward to seeing your Top 10.


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